Frequently Asked Questions

for Logo and Website Design

If you do not see your question listed here, please don’t hesitate to reach out!

Logo Design

Are there any additional fees involved?
If your business is based in North Carolina, sales tax will be added to the total cost. Otherwise, nope!

What if I need other pieces, like a brochure or postcard?
I’d be happy to work work with you to design additional pieces at my hourly rate of $75.00/hour.

I'm not sure what I want or like, but I know I need a logo. How can you help me?
It's difficult to picture your own logo! Take a bit of time to really think about what you want your logo to communicate for your business. Knowing the message you want to get across will help determine the types of colors or design styles you might want, and learning about your business helps me do my job as the designer.

Think more about how you want your brand to feel, not look. If this is something you can confidently do for your business, I'm confident that the design process will lead us to a solution that expresses your goals!

I don't need all the different logo versions and brand pieces you mentioned. Can I just get a simple logo?
The package is designed to provide all the pieces you need to present your new logo and brand to the world strongly and cohesively. As your business grows, you're going to need multiple variations of your logo to use on different print and web pieces, and different file formats for different things. I include all of these formats right away to save you the hassle later. My process allows me to provide you with a logo that has longevity and meaning. I love working with businesses that are passionate about the process and excited for the results!

I’ve seen a logo that I like. Can you copy it, or elements of it, for my business?
I love to see any inspiration that you’ve found for your branding, but kindly note that I cannot closely copy any existing logos or designs. Doing so would be copyright infringement. I always strive to design unique logos that are new and specific to your business. Not only does this avoid any legal trouble for both of us, but it helps your brand stand out better!

Website Design

Why Squarespace?
Squarespace is a great option for most small businesses and entrepreneurs because:

  • It allows for modern, customizable and unique designs

  • It’s easy for you to update yourself after the design is done

  • It works smoothly on computers, tablets, and phones

  • All features are built in; your website won’t “break” when Squarespace updates

  • It includes built-in SEO (search engine optimization) features that automatically boost your site in Google search results (full SEO services recommended)

What platforms will I need to create accounts in?

  • Squarespace: This is the only account you are required to set up.

  • Google Drive: You will need to have access to Google Drive for content delivery.

  • You may also want to offer services through your website for things like appointment booking, accepting payments, or shipping. In this case, you would need to create accounts in those services’ platforms. Common optional accounts include Acuity for appointments, Stripe for payments, or a domain provider if you choose to use one other than Squarespace. (All integration platforms are viewable here.)

Are there any additional fees involved?

  • Squarespace: You will need to purchase a Squarespace membership to activate your site. All plans are viewable here. (I recommend at least the Business plan.) You will receive 20% off your first year with annual billing.

  • Domain: You will need to purchase your domain. Through Squarespace, this is free for your first year.

  • Any additional accounts you choose to connect (such as Acuity or Stripe) may have their own fees.

I have a platform I want to use for booking/shipping/etc. Can we connect it to the site?
The easiest integrations are those listed on Squarespace here. We can definitely look into other platforms, although I cannot guarantee that they can be integrated.

What if I can’t get the text and photos ready in time?
Together, we work out a comfortable timeline at the beginning of your project for both design due dates on my end and content delivery on your end. If deadlines are missed for the content delivery, the website design and launch may be pushed back to my next earliest availability.

Can you design or fix my logo for me to use on my site?
I would love to! I offer Logo Design as a separate service, so I do not focus too much on the look of your logo when I’m designing your website. If you are interested in hearing more about my Logo Design services and how we can integrate a new or revised logo into your website, please let me know!

What if I need help updating my website later?
While I do provide video tutorials to help you update your website yourself, I’m totally happy to make updates and edits for you after your site is complete. I can make adjustments as needed at my hourly rate of $75.00/hour, or we can set up a monthly retainer to allot time for your website updates each month.

Still have a question, or want more information?
Please get in touch!